Robin K Steffensen

I was adopted from Korea sometime in 1984 and raised in the woods of Northern California. Even though I grew up in a rural area, and the nearest mall was a little bit of a drive, I still loved fashion.  I cut and laminated paper dolls, and then made them endless outfits. Because it was the nineties they had lots of mini skirts and knee high socks, which is pretty much what the fashion is today. All I can say is, thank goodness for the Delia’s catalog, so I could shop out of that and keep up with all the trends.

Jump ahead 20 years and I am not quite so country anymore. I never miss an appointment to get my eyelashes filled, my hair did, and my lips filled, and would never miss a chance to shop. I am a big online shopper, but I also love a great mall trip, or supporting a local boutique where I live, or wherever I am traveling at the time. I somehow always find the best, but maybe not the best prices. eek! Something I defintely need to work on. I’m actually really good at finding the MOST expensive thing in the store and missing all the sale items. haha

I have the funniest five-year-old son, who i’m sure you will see a lot of in this blog. He is a fire cracker, and pretty dang cute too! his style is pretty bangin’ as well.

I love SPAM, and exploring cities of the world, as long as there’s a Nordstrom or anthropology and good food. My parents raised me to love these two things. They actually took me out of 6th grade for a whole year so we could go trek the Himalyas in Nepal, and home schooled me the remainder of the year. I soon went back to public school as soon as I could. My whole family is so passionate about food and are amazing cooks, therefore, I am a foodie!

Welcome to my irreverent blog! I cannot wait to share my travel experiences, passion for fashion and shopping, and just all together, all the things I do and love, in my so called Life-of-Robin.