I’ve been about 5 ft tall since I was 12 years old. I used to be the tallest in my class. Taller than all the boys…and then, next thing I knew, I stayed the same height, and everyone surpassed me by, well, A LOT! I always had a hard time finding jeans that I didn’t have to have my mom hem, or I didn’t have to staple (who’s guilty of this, be honest?) or fold under and use double sided tape! (guilty again!)  I actually don’t think we were that high tech to use double sided tape, I think I used regular tape and rolled it to make it double sided! oh man, the things we went through for fashion when we were kids!

I remember finding my favorite pair of jeans back then, and they were definitely L.E.I. flares! Remember those? and then I remember catching my favorite pair on fire because I didn’t like to dry my jeans but to hang dry them, but I was trying to make they dry faster and I set them on top of my wall heater, and then bam, smoke alarm goes off, and my parents and me run into my bedroom and my pants were on fire! OMG L.E.I.’s on fire!!! I remember us quickly grabbing them and throwing them outside on the white gravel we had at our back door. Yup, pretty dramatic what those favorite pair of jeans caused us.

My next favorite jeans were definitely JNCO jeans. OMG–do these even exist anymore? Well it was definitely a phase of trying to be a little gansta I think? The whole baggy look with like boxers hanging out..who were we? and then crop tops to go with it (which are back in style now and I like it) OH man, I remember my mother hating this look! She couldn’t get on board with the baggy look. I actually have this memory (since my sister was at boarding school or college, being 5 years older than me) sneaking into her room and grabbing her jeans and cutting them off at the bottom and wearing her pants., and wala, baggy pants!! shhhh that’s a secret though and still to this day has no idea. haha Again, the things we will do for fashion.

Next I’d say, I got into the Abercrombie jeans then Levis! Loved those and still do, but we will talk about this later! So I won’t really talk about it right now.

I think mid way through high school and after, I didn’t really have a particular pair of jeans I loved. I would randomly buy a brand of jeans that kinda fit me, and i’d either get them hemmed or whatever, but always had a hard time. Jeans shopping wasn’t fun for me being so petite. either they would be so long that even if I got them hemmed, the knees wouldn’t be aligned in the right spot of the jeans. I searched and searched. Still dreaming of my burnt L.E.I. jeans JUST KIDDING

FINALLY, I went back to the basics. ABERCROMBIE & FITCH! Yes, I thought since I shopped here when I was like fourteen, it was still a store for fourteen year olds. NOPE! Apparently Abercrombie just kept growing up and maturing with me!!! AMAZING! Their jeans are to die for. For all sizes, Petite, Regular, or Tall, then they go by waist size, which I think is more accurate than being a size 00/0/2/4/6/8 etc..I mean, i’m sure these waist sizes are in ranges of the other sizing method, but it seems like a better fit that way. I say that because Levi’s does this too, which also fit me really well! Instead they do their inseam by inches though instead of short, regular and tall. I seriously can’t preach enough about their jeans, and their styles, low-rise, high-rise, mid-rise, skinny, flare, boot-cut etc. They have it all. I never have to get their jeans shortened, because I’ll get the short size and or ankle!  And another plus is, they always have my size, which is the other hard thing to find, especially when your waist is probably one of the most common sizes there is. They keep their inventory stocked!!!!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my little timeline of my favorite jeans. I am not sure what prompted this blog post, but I’ve been thinking about my jeans journey a lot lately and felt I needed to share, in case any other person is going through a similar situation. Your search is over girl!!!!


Robin K. Steffensen