I was lucky enough to be sent two of these amazing Magnet Mounts for my car, to hang my phone! I’ve always wanted one of these, but I never wanted to deal with the ugly bulky ones you have to stick to your windshield. This brand lets you hang your phone with such elegance and style from your vent in your car. And you get to pick an amazing classy color like black, gold, silver, rose gold, or purple!! (I have gold and rose gold)

Living in San Francisco, I am always using my navigation to get around the city, and since California is a hands free cell phone state, it won’t look like you are on your phone talking or texting while getting directions on your phone. I am always scared of getting pulled over for this and afraid I will get in an accident by looking down at my phone. This is a much safer way to travel around in your car.

To be honest guys, at first I was a little weary of having to put the sticky magnet on my phone, because I didn’t want to ruin my iPhone X, so at first I put it on the outside of my case (they send you two) and it worked great. It held in place really well, but when I went to go to bed, I couldn’t use my charging pad, because the magnet was right where I put my phone down to charge on the pad. So my friend gave me a brilliant idea and said, why don’t you just put the magnet piece inside your case between the case and your phone and not stick it?? Well, DUH! it worked. So now I just keep the Magnet lose in my phone, and when I need to mount in my car, the magnet goes to place, and when I need to charge at night, the magnet just drops down, so you can charge. If you don’t use a charging pad, this won’t make a difference to you. But lets be real, the future is charging pads, right?!! haha

So if you go right now and buy one of these phone Magnet Mounts (linked above) they are 60% off online, from $49.99 to $19.99, SUCH a good deal! and i’m not sure if you are early Christmas shopper kind of person, but this would make a PERFECT stocking stuffer for the fam.

Go check out their cool colors and other accessories they have in store as well!

Here’s the link again 

I hope you enjoy this car mount as much as I do!