Sand Cloud Towel

Growing up in Northern California, I was blessed to be surrounded by tons of lakes and rivers.  Unlike going to just a pool where you can haul all your beach towels, ice chests, and floats, you definitely had to minimize the things you brought, because the hike in was either down a very steep ridge, or you had to jump from boulder to boulder, or walk at least a mile to get to the best water hole to swim in. These Sand Cloud towels are perfect for that exact occasion. That long hot river or lake day, or a day at the pool, or even as a blanket at the park to sit on for a picnic with your kids.  They are light weight, fun printed, and have a sand resistant design! The style reminds me of Turkish towels, but thinner and even more light weight! I now take these towels everywhere I go!

Not only are these great towels, but Sand Cloud supports all sorts of organizations to help marine life. Some of these organizations include: Marine Conservation Institute, Surfrider Foundation, Pacific Marine Mammal Center, San Diego Coastkeeper, Hawaii Wildlife Fund, and Ocean Connectory. 10% of profits are donated to non-profits that support Sand Cloud’s mission.

So help me help sand cloud save marine life by clicking on this link here and Enjoy 15% off your total order by using my discount code kj.steffensen418 .

Now you’re on your way to owning one the cutiest towels on the planet and also helping support a great cause!

This is also my son Bronson’s first debut on my blog! yay! I’m sure you will be seeing a lot of him in the near future.

Happy Summer!!

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